Thursday, 5 October 2017

In the sun.

Feeling sorry for myself again - had a really bad night and then today we were due to go shopping.

I was pretty much out of it all morning - had a sandwich and a wash, took a pill and then went to Tesco's. The end result was that instead of doing this in the morning, we went in the afternoon when its busy.

Robyn drove and I shuffled along like a snail. At the store I went round on a disabled buggy and then back at home I just slumped back down in my chair, worn out. I actually did nothing.

I'm no longer any use to Robyn or anyone else - I used to do everything, I was the one who looked after everybody. It's difficult to adjust.

As I came out of the house, I was covered by a warm, sultry October sunshine. Waiting in the checkout queue I just basked in the sun, letting it flow over my eyelids.

Just enough to remind me what we missed out on this summer.

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  1. It takes time to adjust to not taking care of everyone but trust me you are of great use to Robyn and all of us. Love you!