Thursday, 13 December 2012

A harder road than I expected

I’m finding the responsibility of running this Blog is something I didn’t anticipate. When people began to read it, I had moments of doubt. People are starting to talk to me about experiences they have had and it’s hard. I’m hoping to record them here as I think it’s important that there is some recognition of what is happening.

A friend has mentioned, in an e-mail, her Father’s experience – nothing to do with St Peter’s and she hadn't expected to be pressurised into letting me use it. However, I felt that the way it was written is something I didn’t want tidied up, it’s from the heart;

“Unfortunately I don’t think St Peter's A&E are alone in the utter chaos that are our A&E departments and the short staff/beds are a common feature amongst most if not all A&E's I am sure. I know when my dad was taken into A&E several times throughout his battle with cancer, he was always left waiting several hours for a bed and once when he was extremely ill (not long before he passed away) he was left on a trolley for hours, which was horrendous when considering the fact he wasn’t well enough to lay on a trolley for 30 minutes let alone for hours. But we had no choice! I could tell you quite a few horror stories! In the end we opted to not send him to A&E if he had a fall/seizure as he was just not well enough to be treated like that and he was better off at home.”

Which, is exactly what I was listening to through the curtains, while I was waiting for a bed.

I’ve also been surprised by the goodwill I’ve found – to the Blog and to me. There are a lot of good people out there.

Respect due;

To Raj of Wraysbury News, the newsagents that delivers and supplier of very reasonably priced greeting cards. Who, when I asked how much it would be to put one of my leaflets in his window, refused to take any money.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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