Monday, 10 December 2012

I ain't going nowhere

You won’t be surprised to hear that after A and E sent me home with a broken ankle I put a complaint in to the hospital that did this to me.

Strangely, it hasn’t got me anywhere yet. This is a letter I sent to the Chief Executive Andrew Lyles three weeks ago; so far no reply.

Now that really is rude.



Dear Mr Lyles,

I write with respect to my complaint; I was sent home with a broken ankle by A and E St Peter’s on the 27th August this year.

Ms Robinson wrote to me (12/9/12) indicating a response would be made by 17/11/12.

You wrote to me on 15/10/12, indicating a response would follow completion of the investigation on 15/11/12.

Both dates have passed and it is now 3 months since I attended A and E.

I look forward to your response.

Yours Faithfully


Neil Harris


So I took a look at last years annual report from PALS (that’s the body that aims to persuade patients not to put in a formal complaint) – according to the report 45% of formal complaints made against Ashford and St Peters NHS Hospital Trust  are dealt with inside the time limit. That means that 55% miss the deadline, so at least I’m in the majority.

I suspect that by the time the complaints are eventually dealt with most of those people have moved away, lost heart or given up the ghost.

Well, I ain’t going nowhere, nohow.


Neil Harris

(This is a don’t stop till you drop production)

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