Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Give us the money!

Last night I spent the evening with some brothers and sisters in struggle – a nice evening; mince pies and good craiq into the night. Then I took in the second half of jazz at the Red Lion in Isleworth. I was too late arriving to give them credits but it was thoughtful, edgy stuff.

A good day, golden times. Today I’m paying for it and feeling sorry for myself. If there’s a doctor out there nodding and saying “warned you”, s/he isn’t mine. This is why they kept me going. It was a day when I did more good than harm.

So, I’m wearing my sensible hat, that’s the one I stole from a passing accountant, as opposed to the normal one (£3-99 from Sports Direct) which makes me look a bit like Buster Bloodvessel.

I’m looking at the Ashford and St Peters NHS Hospital trust accounts for 2011/12 ; an income of £227 million and a surplus of £ONE MILLION. That’s right, £ONE MILLION! And all I want is a measly £800,000 for 6 more consultants in A and E.

 As there’s money in the pot, how about a bonus for the lowest paid staff in the hospital? By my calculation, about £100,000 would cover a £200 bonus for the nurses and ancillary workers, with change to spare for a Christmas card.

Because there is a gulf between the doctors and the lowest paid, who are struggling with a wage freeze on wages that are already low.  If we aren’t careful, demoralisation and unhappiness  can turn into not caring.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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