Wednesday, 26 December 2012

keep your eyes on the prize

I got in danger of losing sight of what it’s all about over the last couple of weeks. I hadn’t been feeling that well and took a break from “activities” to concentrate on christmas.

When I opened up my blog this evening and found it had passed 400 page views, for a moment I got well and truly “up myself” and forgot that the views are because of the hospital and the NHS and not me.

I’ve got my feet back down on earth now and started planning out my campaign for the new year (I do have a little meeting in early January to get out of the way first) but on this site I’m going to start having a look at how the NHS is run and why it isn’t working like it used too.
Why some people working in it are telling me that while there are cuts and that’s a problem, it isn’t just about money. And to start getting practical and doing real things rather than virtual ones.

It’s not just that people are looking at the Blog. Before Christmas someone (I can't imagine who and it certainly isn’t grown up or clever), was putting up some of my posters. I couldn’t condone that. However, the funny thing is that they haven’t been torn down or written on as you would expect.

It means that people agree with what I’m doing and that there is a great fund of goodwill towards the NHS.  

Most of all, it isn’t just me and my ankle any more. I’m in a gang now.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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