Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I receive the hospital report and I'm not laughing any more

Its fair to say that when I got the report of the investigation into how Accident and Emergency at St Peter’s Hospital,Chertsey came to send me home with a broken ankle, I wasn’t expecting what I read.

Based on conversations I’d had, I had concluded that it was lack of expertise, experience or supervision, that was behind it. Now I’ve read the report, I know that the real decision was taken by a Consultant.
I can't believe it, I've seen the X-rays.

The report took nearly 4 months to get to me – in fact it is dated 9/11/12, five weeks ago.

Written by another consultant in A and E, its lack of any effective recomendations are a matter of real concern.

I’m currently writing my official response and I will be busy working out what action I can take against them - I'm going to do them every which way I can . Clearly I have to rethink everything I was told and understood about the problem.

Its all different now, the gloves are off and over christmas I’ll plan it all out and in January I come out fighting again.


Neil Harris


(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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