Sunday, 30 December 2012

Release the inner subversive, go on!




Who needs it?

I don’t want yours.

That’s not what this is about. Mind you if anyone will let me use their photocopier free, I can supply the paper! Get in touch because I do need to sneak a photocopy or two (ahem) before I have to buy another cartridge for the printer.

Likewise I need to get my message out there, so any help is welcome.

In particular, if you are on Facebook or are Twittering, please spread the word for me because these are media I’m not covering. The deal is you can use my stuff but you can’t make any money from it. OK?

Most of all, I need you to release the inner subversive – that’s the little guy inside us all, the one who isn’t prepared to take it any more.

Where ever there is a notice board, a wall or a public space – post a copy of my stuff – its free to use as long as you keep it free to every one else.

Wherever you are you can help. I need as many people as possible seeing the Blog and, hopefully, recommending it.

Right now, it comes up on Google, if you search for it. It even comes up (a long way down), if you search for “St. Peters, Chertsey” + problems or complaints.  Which is pretty neat, because it embarrasses  them. 

But if I’m going to embarrass them enough to change the hospital, I need a lot of red faces amongst the suits. To do that I need to get the Blog further up the lists.

That’s where you come in (and your inner subversive, go on, let him out).


Neil Harris

(A don’t stop till you drop production)

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