Monday, 10 December 2012

Its a love thing

What a beautiful morning it was; the air so sharp you could feel it in your lungs, the sun so bright you could taste it.

I was out and about, in the village where I grew up. Posting Christmas cards and presents, buttonholing shopkeepers to put my poster in their windows. People were being kind to me and when the posters go up, there will be a plug here to say thank you.

These days I carry a loaded MP3 player around with me, in case of medical emergencies. I’ve been revisiting The Style Council, an 80’s vehicle for Paul Weller, and remembering some happy times – of Motown and Modern Jazz, Ben Sherman Shirts and straight ties, Wayfarer shades and long, long summer evenings.

I’m sure he won’t mind, I’m posting the lyrics to “Head start for Happiness”, which jumps straight out of those days when Paul was looking to make the world a better place and still thought he could. When you hear it set to music, that’s how this morning felt.

Headstart for Happiness.

When I find you waiting hours; oh,

You're there to save my life for our obvious goal

We've got a headstart for happiness

For our part, guess we must be blessed

For this feeling to be so strong

Tell me is that so wrong?

The space betweeen us for days has been so far;

I've spent a lonely week

Now I wanna be where you are

We've got a headstart for happiness, for our part

Guess we must be kissed by this force I feel inside

Now I'm not gonna hide.


All the roads that lead to struggles

Bring you back to where you need

Some reassurance in your own depth,

Only you can see, but let others feel

Peace in my mind I'm so happy to find

As I get on my trek with a headstart back to you.


You'll find it can happen

You'll find you've got the strength

You can move a mountain

You just need the confidence


In yourself and all you've got to take this world

And shake it up

Let no one say they're better than you

You must believe you've got the power


To rise above the lies

'Cause what we're dealing here with today is a love thing

Right here, right now

Now listen


When I find you waiting hours, oh

It's my heart, not my head that takes control

And you've got to lead where your heart says go

And this hope that it turns out so

And that's all that you can hope for

Can you expect much more?


Naive and wise with no sense of time

As I set my clock with a heart beat, tick tock

Violent and mild - common sense says I'm wild

With this mixed up fury, crazy beauty

It's healthy to find all these feelings inside

As I get on my trek with a headstart back to you.

(Copyright Paul Weller)


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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