Thursday, 6 December 2012

My leaflet

Well, I got my act together and wrote my leaflet - I used some bigger font's which probably won't make it onto the Blog but here goes;

              Help me sort out St Peter's!

I had a blackout in the summer – I have cancer and these things happen. In fact, I’d broken my ankle but when the ambulance got me to St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, the doctors were young and inexperienced; it was august bank holiday and there was no one for them to ask. I was sent home with treatment for a sprain.

When I went back for my appointment a week later it was a real emergency – an untreated dislocated fracture. I spent 6 days in hospital and needed two operations. I was very lucky; the orthopaedics/trauma team’s hard work saved my leg.

Now, I’m rough and tough and I was just about able to cope. If you’re 80 years old and frail you can’t. St Peter’s is sending people home without proper treatment and some are going home to die.

·       There are only 4 Accident and Emergency consultants for 90,000 patients a year.

·       Operations, holidays and sickness mean that 4 consultants is not enough; sometimes a junior just won’t do.

·       Last year complaints against A and E rose by 23%.

·       We need at least 10 consultants and a commitment to give us proper cover, 24/7.

             I need your help – check out my campaign at;     

Neil Harris

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