Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Yarn from the Empire

At the head of the valley the General saw

The cannons, the cannons, the shot and the roar

The thunder of guns and the scream of the horse

“If we don’t act now things can only get worse”.


Send for the reserve, we need the men

If we don’t get them now we can’t ask again.

He chose the best horse and a messenger with dash

Screamed out the message, he was off in a flash.


To the camp at the rear, not a moment too soon

Past the flash of the cannon, rode the gallant dragoon

Through the smoke, through the screams and the fume.

And through to the rear he thought he was safe

But was hit in the head by cannons strafe.


He lay on the ground in the arms of a nurse

And spluttered  “if we don’t act now things can only get worse”

The Marshall whispered “How can that be?”

The subaltern’s last words will stay with me

“we need six more consultants at St Peter’s A and E”

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