Sunday, 9 December 2012

Walking on the wild side

One of my friends has criticised me for this campaign- he feels I'm just using it as an excuse to do illegal things. Hmmm!? I actually feel very strongly about St Peter's; later on I'll explain why.

On the other hand, an opportunity to break the law - hmmmm! Never turned down a chance to do that (for a good cause, of course).

If you are working for Ashford and St Peter's NHS Trust and you're reading this at work, its time to think again.

Using a work computer for "leisure" activities is a disciplinary offence. It may be that an employer allows browsing in breaktime but many do not. Worktime is a no no. The fact that they turn a blind eye now won't work when you get in trouble.

In any event, there are sites which are not going to be permitted even if general noodling on the net is allowed. This site is probably one of those!

Use your home computer - you know thats safe.

Find a small child for further technical advise - remember I tried to get a 12 year old printer to work for me, what do I know?

At work do the following;

Delete all saved files about this site. Human resources or your network manager can take a look, at any time.

Go to Tools and click "in private browsing", this would protect you from a passer-bye looking at your noodling while you leave your computer on, when you're in the loo.

Click "delete browsing history", this will clear the "history" tab of the last three weeks record of your noodling on the net.

Change "history" so it only records that days noodling.

Unfortunately, Windows has a secret file on your computer which keeps a record of every web address you ever visited.

In addition, when you delete something, it is only deleted from your view - its still on the hard disc until its over written and that only happens rarely (no space left on the drive)

If they want rid of you, a forensic examination of your work hard drive can reveal a lot of secrets. The good news is that this costs a lot of money - they need evidence to do you.

So, if the proverbial hits the fan - get a good brief and don't admit anything. Remember, its not enough that its on your computer, you always left it on so anyone could have used it. Tsk. Tsk.

So, get deleting and check this site out from home.

E-mails are welcome.
Your secrets are safe with me.
Remember, at work "The Union makes us strong"

Neil Harris

(This is a don't stop till you drop production)

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