Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thursday blues

A couple of hard days, ones to tough out and with the really cold weather, I’ve been taking it easy indoors which is unusually sensible for me.

Today I had to come out of hibernation to do the shopping at Tesco’s and that’s a grind, online really saved me when I was having problems but getting back to doing it myself was a milestone to remember. I won't complain about doing it ever again.

There was a special atmosphere today; the jolly christmas music seemed OK for the first time this year. People were talking and smiling at each other, rather than glowering and pushing past like normal. Someone on the tills was singing.

It’s a bit spooky that I was thinking about Mark Rothko a couple of days before the case ended up in court – the judge seems to have been even frostier than I would have been in his place.

All being well I should be out and about again tomorrow, with (ahem) a little adventure planned.


Neil Harris
(a don’t stop till you drop production

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