Saturday, 9 February 2013

100 posts

100 P0STS !



Or as someone said – 100 posts and still banging on.

 Well, I intend to go on banging on until I get somewhere (or for as long as I have something to say).

In case you are worried I may have run out of issues how about;

Class inequality






These are all issues in the NHS and I’ve still got plenty to say about them. It’s not just about money or patients (or even my ankle – did I mention that?)

I’ve still got to get my teeth into P.A.L.S, which I promised to do in January and got diverted. Then there is the whole subject of Wexham and Heatherwood NHS Trust, got diverted there too.

And I haven’t even mentioned car parking fees at NHS hospitals. Now that really winds people up.

Then there are Drug companies. Hidden research results, the cost of accessing academic publications.

Unequal access to treatment.

Rationing treatment – the postcode lottery.

Hospital catering.

And those really irritating gowns they make you wear to get their own back for all those times you pressed the buzzer.

That’s what I mean by “don’t stop till you drop” and fighting February.

Plus a bit of bad poetry and the odd adventure, if I’m lucky.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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