Saturday, 16 February 2013

Protection for Whistle-blowers


It’s starting to get interesting.

Now the health Minister has had to step in to clarify, in a letter to every Trust, that employees can’t be gagged when it comes to patient Safety.


From the Independent 16/2/13;

Jeremy Hunt stepped up pressure on NHS bosses to end the use of legal gags on whistle-blowers today but faced calls for an independent inquiry into his own department's involvement.

In a letter to the chairmen of every Trust, the Health Secretary warned against a culture in some quarters of "institutional self-defence that prevents honest acknowledgement of failure".

 In order to avoid a repeat of the Mid-Staffordshire scandal it was vital to "recognise and celebrate staff" who had the "courage and professional integrity" to speak out over safety concerns, he suggested.

 He called on all bodies to ensure their actions met both the letter and the spirit of NHS whistle-blower guidance.

Mr Hunt yesterday warned United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust that it faced action if it had wrongly tried to silence a former chief executive from speaking out about patient safety concerns as part of a unfair dismissal case settlement.




Well, that’s going to be quite important. We are going to need a bit of whistleblowing if patients are to be protected.

However, you need a guarantee that’s watertight; here’s mine.



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