Wednesday, 13 February 2013

An eye-full

I’m shamelessly ripping off an article from this weeks ‘Private Eye’, the well-known satirical magazine. I make it up to them by giving them a plug for their next “Bumper 48 page winter special” issue (out 19/2/13) described as a “real eye-ful”. That is how they spelt it.

It will include “M.D.’s special report on Mid-Staffs Mayhem”, which will be a good read. M.D. has been doing some good work exposing NHS scandals.

This week there is an analysis of the real cost of closing Lewisham Hospital’s A and E;

“Little attention has been paid to the monster price tag for the plans: £56 million investment to prepare Lewisham for the A and E, Maternity and other cutbacks; £21m to expand capacity at surrounding hospitals to take Lewisham’s displaced patients; £47m “transitional” costs and £207 million to write off the immediate debts run up by South London Healthcare. So the estimated short term costs are already £331m.

Add to that a long-term commitment to subsidise SLHT’s “excess PFI costs” at the Princess Royal in Bromley and Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich, beginning with £23m and rising each year until 2031, and the total bill is closer to £750 million. Plans to sell off some of Lewisham’s property assets won’t come close to off-setting those costs.”

M.D in a separate article has a go at Andy Burnham and Sir Brian Nicholson.

The “eye” is as determined as I am and hopefully won’t let go of this one any time soon. It was pretty much a lone voice against the madness of the Private Finance Initiative, when the mainstream press were all in favour of it.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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