Friday, 15 February 2013

Really riled.

Yesterday, 14/2/13, I blogged a little valentine for the Chief Executive of Ashford and St. Peters NHS Hospital trust, the man who doesn’t reply to my letters; Andrew Liles.

On the 19th December I wrote to him with a detailed reply to the “investigation” into St. Peter’s Accident and Emergency, which failed to diagnose my dislocated, fractured ankle. My reply tore into the investigation and its conclusions, as well as the disgraceful way the hospital has dealt with my complaint.

He didn’t reply to me, again.

Now I’m riled.

In January I got a reply from the “Patient Experience” department – you couldn’t make that one up.

I was told my comments would be considered and I would get a detailed reply by 15/2/13.

That is today – not a word.

Its six months since the mis-diagnosis.

Now I’m really, really riled. 


Neil Harris

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