Tuesday, 26 February 2013

70's night

Caught up in a flurry of calls to make, things to do, I suddenly realised that “Patient Experience” has not come back to me. It’s hard to know how to deal with contempt. Do you phone again and lose your temper? Go round and confront them? Write a letter? That hasn’t worked for me up to now. This is why I ended up on the internet in the first place, letting off steam.

I was late at the Red Lion, Isleworth last night. I made the second half and to my surprise found it wasn’t full. Good to get a seat, always a good night.

Now I was forced to confront something I wouldn’t have chosen if it hadn’t been a cold, windswept Monday night. This was (forgive me) progressive 1970’s jazz, not normally my thing –Chick Corea amongst others. I had to work at it.

I revelled in the playing, as did a big group of Belo-Russians on the back row. The club pulled them in just as it did me.

I’ve seen John Horler before – a great pianist, tonight playing at the far end of the spectrum. Haven’t seen Jimmy Hastings before, very expert on Saxophones and flute. Again, tonight I was looking for a blood transfusion rather than too much thinking.  I preferred the last number a pretty impressive ‘four brothers’ by Jimmy Giuffre.

I won a raffle prize – an Art Themen Al Haig CD from 1978 – it was another time, another rhythm for me back then.

In yesterday’s post I made a mistake about the case study I sent to the Care Quality Commission, it was, of course an earlier post regarding an A and E incident, rather than bad treatment generally.

I need real life case studies. I can do things with them. People keep telling me horror stories but don’t then send them in – get in touch.

Neil Harris

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