Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sitting around waiting

I'm sitting around, listening to the radio discussions about the Stafford report - due later today but not yet released.

I find the interviews are really quite distressing, a family member is due for treatment, I will be at some point.

The problem is, I recognise what they are complaining about, I've seen it done to people and to an extent to me. I feel it's endemic in the system. I fear this report is not going to change it.

The thing is, its not about paperwork, its about people.

There is bad management - inspections and statistics used correctly with a tough regulatory body can deal with bad, slovenly incompetant managers. If anyone actually cares enough to see it through.

There are bad Doctors - believe me I know. The good Doctors have to protest, blow the whistle. Refuse to co-operate. Refuse to turn a blind eye.

There are bad Nurses and Care assistants - the rest have to take action. I know, most are great.

There is a culture of bullying. Actually its a gang culture - you have to be in the gang or they turn on you. This is why Nurses, Doctors and care assistants stay silent when they should be speaking out.

Well, you have a Union - use it. Make it work for you.

You have publicity - use it.

Patients don't complain. It's time we did a bit more of that.
What can you do?
If you’re a patient; I need case studies of problems with A and E to force the Quality Care Commission to start an investigation. E-mail me direct.
If you’re employed by the Trust; Its time to blow the whistle on A and E. E-mail me direct – privacy guaranteed.
Anybody else; read, share, publicise this blog.
Confidentiality guaranteed.
Hush, hush
On the QT

Neil Harris

(a don't stop till you drop production

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