Friday, 8 February 2013

Oh. while I remember, thanks.

There are some really great people who have been supporting this Blog through thick and thin. Recently there has been more thin than thick – life can be like that.

Its two months now and time to take stock.

I started Blogging on the fourth of December. I had been signed off by Orthopaedics a few days before – they did a really good job patching me up after my disgraceful treatment ( check out my leaflet)  by Accident and Emergency at St. Peter’s hospital, Chertsey.

What really got me angry was that the complaint I’d made (the hospital missed it’s deadlines) was left lying about for 5 weeks after it had been written. When I put a complaint in to the Care Quality Commission, they contacted the Hospital and the report came out to me, almost immediately.

It was a whitewash. It recommended that the “Consultant” who messed up should have a period of “reflection”, and be responsible for training the Junior Doctors in how to recognise a broken ankle. Now, he is definitely not the person to be doing this.

The ‘report’ was written by a consultant in A and E – there are only four of them so I think they may know each other, I could be wrong there.

So, I started this Blog as a campaign for a better hospital – for the people who work there as much as for the patients.

It’s also a campaign to save the NHS, which means a lot to me as it does to so many people.

It’s also my way of embarrassing these people into changing. Long after I am gone, this Blog will stand as a monument to their failure, in a way that suing them never would – it just gets buried.

The first 30 or 40 page views were a mountain to climb. The first 400 were easy. Since then it’s been a struggle, I haven’t been well and as a result haven’t been able to do much to publicise this Blog.

So the second 400 are down to a few, very, very, special people, as I said at the beginning.

Thanks are due to you all.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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