Friday, 1 February 2013

Planning for a Fighting February

Tough old day today, not feeling well, doing the shopping and not enough people on the tills. So, twenty minutes waiting, then home and unpacking, then cooking and then a walk to the chemists.

Sometimes life is a struggle, always worth it though.

It seems to have been raining ever since the snow melted. Another flood warning this week, but the sky was bright yesterday and today. A wind blowing strong and clouds scooting across the sky.

Yesterday I hacked back a mad old bush which is meant to be a hedge but is in fact an anarchist. It’s still an anarchist but a shorter one. Of course, it may be that the bush really is a hedge but as far as hedge trimming is concerned it is me that is the anarchist.

I was pretty tired afterwards, but managed it.

Tomorrow I need to trim it a bit more, I think it knows I’m going to have another go and is just waiting for me.

Early February is going to be a tough one for me, to be toughed out. On the 15th I am supposed to get the hospital’s response to my objections to the way they “dealt” with my complaint. That will be depressing because it will just be another whitewash. I will go on fighting.

Then I have a little medical appointment I could do without. We’ll see what happens. I think you know I won't be giving up on that one either.

The people of Lewisham have just lost out; maternity gone, becoming a midwife centre. A and E “survives”, except it loses all complex work, which means it loses all the skilled staff and is probably left with the type of person who dealt with my ankle. Hmmm.

No plan, no logic. It was all supposed to be about efficiency and good management. Here, they close the efficient units to bail out bankrupt hospitals because they don’t want to renege on the Private Finance Initiative debts.
So, the Hospitals aren't where the people need them any more. Which is fine, except in an emergency, minutes count.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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