Monday, 11 February 2013

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The ‘popular posts’ gadget which I put at the side of this Blog sometimes irritates me, then again, it can be quite useful in getting my feet back on the ground.

It is actually a top five of page views, so I can’t fix it, (one day I’ll tell you all about fixing the pop charts – if you’re interested) it means that the pages that are highlighted are ones I wouldn’t chose. Also, because they have built up such a page count, it won’t ever change much, now.

So, my first leaflet is a run-away best seller but also an embarrassment to me. Obviously it wouldn’t be right to change it; even though it wasn’t a junior Doctor who messed up, it was a consultant. However, it’s from the heart and it was my first step so I’m stuck with it. I use different publicity now.

‘A moments reflection’, isn’t going anywhere either. I remember writing it, late at night, really angry. Ms Jacintha Saldhana was a quiet, caring, diligent Nurse who took a hoax phone call from two Australian radio pranksters pretending to be royalty. She just passed it on, but was taken in and probably gave it a bit of credence when she put the call through.

You or I probably would have ruefully shrugged our shoulders, giggled from embarrassment and tried to forget it. She didn’t, a couple of days later she committed suicide.

There’s an inquest coming up, so I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but I will.

It doesn’t look like her employers took it out on her or threatened her with dismissal which would normally be the problem. The chances are that previous bullying by her fellow workers flared up again after the incident, and this, together with the notoriety and press interest was just too much for a shy and isolated individual far from her family.

It’s a bad, bad story. She was a good, caring Nurse.

It highlights the problem of bullying in the NHS. I know it was a private hospital, but many of the staff would move back and forth between the State and private sectors and it’s the same profession anyway.

It’s not just managers bullying staff, there are Doctors bullying Nurses and Nurses bullying Care Assistants plus a lot of in between bullying.

It’s a problem because if people don’t have respect for each other, how can they expect to have solidarity when things are going wrong.

It suits managers to have staff fighting and disrespecting each other rather than fighting their corner together.

It’s also about race, sex and class and how these are used to divide us against each other.

So take two nearby hospitals; St. Peter’s Chertsey where a majority of the Nursing staff are white and Wexham Park, Slough where a majority of Nursing staff are from ethnic minorities. Before you say “that reflects the racial mix of two different areas”; I would say that the staff car parks tell me that most of the Nurses have cars and most don’t live near the hospital where they work.

These two hospitals are about 16 miles apart.

Now is it Human Resources and management who are operating a colour bar?

 Or is there bullying going on that means Nurses are self-selecting about where they work?

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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