Thursday, 7 February 2013

Am I boring you?

I know I’m starting to bore people.

Mid Staffordshire NHS trust is probably a subject that will drive my readers away.

 So, I thought I’d blog about it again.

The problem last night and this morning was a series of interviews which got me angry all over again – and if the early or unnecessary deaths of some 1200 people doesn’t make us angry what does?

I watched the deputy head of the Royal College of Nursing justifying a visit the head of the RCN made to Stafford hospital at the beginning of the scandal, where he walked through a picket line of grieving relatives demanding justice, inspected a couple of wards and congratulated the nursing staff on the fine standard of care they were showing. His name is Peter Carter and the relatives are demanding that he goes.

This morning I heard a spokesman for the RCN saying that there were some 46 pending disciplinary cases arising from the scandal, but only one Nurse was considered a danger and had been suspended. So all the others are still practising?

A spokesman for the General Medical Council of the British Medical Association stated that while there were still some pending cases awaiting disciplinary tribunals, over 20 Doctors had been dealt with by way of “letters” and one had had a restriction placed on his practising.

Meanwhile the Director of Nursing responsible for the two hospitals standard of care (that’s 1200 premature deaths) had “No case to Answer” after her hearing before the RCN.

The regional head of the area at the time, Sir Brian Nicholson, has now been promoted to be Chief Executive of the entire NHS.

Everyone interviewed, made profuse apologies, talking about lessons learnt. Plainly there is a course somewhere which, at great expense to the taxpayer, teaches spokespersons how to appear to exude empathy, sympathy and whatever other platitudes are needed to shut us up.

I think it was Louis B. Meyer, the Hollywood mogul, who famously stated that to get on in the movies;  

“what you need above all is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made”.

It is a national Disgrace.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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