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A lucky week for defendants.

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But this just confirms my last post – you can’t use the police to make people care. I reported this story earlier in the year. Three months on and the Police can’t prove who did this, which is no surprise.

It’s not about stopping bad people being bad, although that is important, it’s about giving good people the strength to do good things. In this case, I think, other Nurses raised the alarm. That’s good.

The Stafford Newsletter, 11/4/13.

A POLICE investigation into a baby boy found with a dummy taped to his mouth in Stafford Hospital has found insufficient evidence to prosecute any individual involved.

The incident took place on January 4th, saw a health care worker at the hospital suspended while the matter was thoroughly investigated.

Sarah Fellows, a trainee nurse from Cannock, was contacted by a senior nurse at the hospital following her four-month-old son Mason’s discharge after he was admitted with breathing problems on New Year’s Day.

Speaking to the Newsletter at the time through a publicist, Miss Fellows said: “I’m so angry. Mason has a weak respiratory system because he was born premature and he could have suffocated.


“I felt I had to go to the media because I didn’t feel the incident was being thoroughly investigated and I wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to anyone else’s child.”

At the time Staffordshire Police confirmed the baby was not harmed and said officers from its protecting vulnerable people department would investigate a complaint concerning ‘the treatment of a baby boy by a member of Stafford Hospital staff'.

Speaking today, a spokesman from Staffordshire Police said: “Officers from Staffordshire Police carried out a thorough investigation into a complaint concerning the treatment of a baby boy at Stafford Hospital in January.

“The investigation established that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute any individual person in relation to the matter,” he said. “The boy's family and the NHS Trust, who we have been liaising closely with throughout, have both been updated.”

Julie Hendry, director of quality and patient experience at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust said: "Now that the Police have completed their inquiries, we have begun our own robust internal investigation.

"One member of staff remains suspended."

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