Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Last, last word on Mid Staffs Hospital Trust.

OK, although I reported on it about a fortnight ago, Mid Staffs NHS Trust has now, finally, been placed in administration. There are two joint liquidators, one clinical and one is your typical big four accountancy firm liquidator, from Ernst and Young.



                IS BUST!

What a lot of nonsense;

No hospital should be allowed to go bust – we are all going to have to pick up the bill as taxpayers anyway. It’s all nonsense.

The trust should have been taken over – not now but in 2007 when the scandal broke and this should have been for medical reasons not financial ones – it was bankrupt medically. That was the time to fire the managers.

Keeping the management there cost us – last year the Trust got an extra £20 million pound subsidy, it got another £20 million this year. £40 million ended up down the black hole in just one year because the patients ran a mile.

What happens now?

The hospitals will be dumped on the next door Trusts who will have to pick up the debts. Then they will start shutting them down and selling the land and the patients will find that their journeys get longer and longer.

Mid staffs was made into a ‘Foundation Trust’, which gave it the right to act as if it was a business – independent from the authorities. Good policy; they can do what they like and then when they go bust we get to pay the bills.

They win – we lose.

They lose – we lose.


Meanwhile, I’ve decided to use a brand new tactic in my campaign to reform St. Peter’s Hospital watch this space!


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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