Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Too cool to drool.

Cold, cold night – the last four Mondays have been lousy weather, thin crowd at the Red Lion, Isleworth. At least I got a seat, these days I need one.

Jim Mullen on electric guitar, very slick, very tight. Dave Lewis on tenor sax was really impressive.  

But tonight, the tone was set by Mike Gorman on organ, giving it a 1960’s groove, straight from Jimmy Smith, with shades of Mr Hammond. Trevor Tomkins was his usual presence on drums, but was uncomfortable - missing a bass to link in to – only a quartet tonight.

The set started off with some middling standards and the guitar and sax fighting each other for space. By the second half, it had all kicked in and for the last two numbers, the place was buzzin’.

I was, of course, too cool to drool.

But only just.

Neil Harris

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