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Norman nogood.

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'I shall be voting against it in the best interests of NHS patients.'

So wrote Norman Warner in ‘The Guardian’ society pages, the Labour Peer (£360 a day expenses) and Health Minister in the Blair government – finally shows his true colours;  

“One of Tony Blair's leading modernisers will rebel against the Labour party in a key vote on Wednesday on proposed NHS regulations that the opposition says will allow companies to bid for almost all health services.

Despite a three-line whip in the House of Lords on a so-called fatal motion to kill the government's controversial NHS regulations, the former health minister Norman Warner says he will vote with the Conservative and Liberal Democrat peers – sparking speculation of another Blairite revolt against the current Labour leadership.”

The problem is, it will only be the choice, profitable bits that get snapped up by the private sector;

“The British Medical Association (BMA) joined the Royal College of General Practitioners last week in calling for the regulations to be re-written.

Marie Curie Cancer Care and other voluntary organisations have warned that competition will damage patient care.”

And, you have to remember, we pay for it all. It’s not as though the private sector is doing us any favours.

Labour said that it had evidence of the "alarming" pace of privatisation throughout the health service. In the last two years, Burnham claimed, the London Ambulance Service has increased spending on private contractors from £400,000 to £4.2m – a 10-fold increase. During the same period, it had cut 900 frontline NHS jobs.

Burnham said: "The House of Lords has a chance today to stop this relentless march of privatisation to the heart of the NHS. The prime minister needs to be reminded that he does not have permission from the British people to put their NHS up for sale."

What it exposes is the real agenda behind Blair and Brown’s actions while they were in government – one big sell off. How many of them will turn out to have a financial interest in all this?

Remember my posting that revealed that 36% of G.P.’s on the new Commissioning bodies have a financial interest in supplying goods or services to the NHS.

Neil Harris

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