Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hot to trot.


{Parents of small children as well as particularly sensitive or vulnerable people of all ages should beware – this entry contains uncontrolled boasting}

I’ve got myself a new camera – it’s a Nikon Coolpix!

I’d been wandering around shops, counting my pennies, unable to make up my mind about cameras, but then today I was mooching around a charity shop and picked up my new camera for £11-99p.

From this you may realise that it may not exactly be up to date technology. Actually it’s 3.2 megabytes and the SD card is only (don’t you dare laugh) 128 mb, so I’d guess it’s about 12 years old. Then when I got it home I found that the USB cable was missing and my various cables didn’t fit. Grrrrrrrr.

If you remember that was how this Blog started back in December – with me trying to buy a cable for my sad old printer and finding that a new printer was cheaper than a new cable.

But, when I’d made myself a gloomy cup of tea, pondered the injustices of life, sat down and thought things through, I found there was an SD card in the camera – and as last week I’d invested a whole £1 in a USB card reader at the suitably named ‘Poundland’, I was good to go. Who needs a cable?

Thirteen quid and the Blog has gone digital. They’d better watch out now. It’s just like when I got my printer, I’m hot to trot.

Did I mention it’s a Nikon?


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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