Thursday, 17 October 2013



It’s been a really funny time on the Blog – for no obvious reason the number of views has taken a small bump up. On Wednesday I had the most views I’ve ever had in a day. It’s small potatoes for the web, a big deal for me.

It’s strange, I felt my campaign was faltering; up until last week it had been very quiet and I was relying on the anonymous and very wonderful group of regular readers who have kept me going. In the summer I even took a look on various Blog advice sites looking for, er well, advice.

It turns out I was doing all the wrong things. I was breaking all the ‘rules’. When I weighed up what the experts were saying, it was obvious unless I changed (and that ain’t never gonna happen) the Blog wasn’t going to change. So that’s that. Maybe the rule breaking is what I was always about.

I only ever made one compromise with the Blog– in the early days I did all this and also serious articles about health, The NHS, universal health provision. Whenever I did that I lost nearly all my readers. It was such hard work getting it back together again every time that I took the cowards way out, which is not like me. The campaign had to come first. I stopped those articles and put them on another Blog I called ‘My Seriously Boring Blog’, where a small number of hardy souls take a look every so often.

I avoid ‘personal health posts’ or what I call ‘courageously pathetic posts'. Strangely, healthy people seem to thirst after articles about cancer and dying. Any small reference guarantees the views shoot up.

I won’t do it. Life is for living and being alive is what this Blog is all about.

Very shortly the Blog will have had 8000 hits. I usually do silly things to mark those kind of milestones.  I do think that when it hits 10,000 I should do something really stoopid and preferably explosive to mark the occasion….although I don’t know how I would photograph what I have in mind….hmmmm, I wonder!

But today I just want to say a quiet thank you. Oh and by the way;

i  I didn’t do it!

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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