Saturday, 12 October 2013

Friday night is Soulnite.

It would take forever to explain but one day I really will do the history of the MOD movement and Northern Soul as I promised. Anyway, Friday night found me in Teddington at the Northern Soul Night organised by ‘Soulnites’, who ‘Keep The Faith’ in London.
It was a room full of Northern Soul fanatics (nothing wrong with that) and one MOD, that’s me. Different clothes, different styles, different dances, the different types of music meeting in the middle; it's the same soul.

They were remarkably tolerant of the ill old geezer in the corner with the Ian Dury walking stick. A lot more tolerant than I would ever have been in the 70’s when I was nearer their ages and watching The Jam or Paul Weller’s Style Council a few years later.

It was a night of some really great sounds.

Here’s Ann Taylor the Soulnites resident;

I really like her habit of sneaking in the odd instrumental – they always have a tinge of jazz about them and bring back memories of the whole 80’s jazz dance scene (all right, all right, I know nobody cares about it except me, I won’t go on about it again).

This is Jim Watson guesting from ‘Soul on the Square’, which I may well have to check out myself.

A harder, dancier run of music from him, more R ‘n B influenced.

The whole MOD scene – the soul clubs, the MOD bands, the Ska revival is really vibrant right now, well hidden under the radar and as far as I can see growing.
The style is pretty much shorthand for cool these days.
I’m very lucky to still be around at this time, to ride the wave for just as long as I can get away with it

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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