Monday, 21 October 2013

All dongled out.


The other day I swore I would never do ‘courageously pathetic’.  I never said I wouldn’t do pathetic.

I’ve been doing pathetic all this week and now on top of that I’ve got a cold as well.

I don’t have a broadband connection (too boring to explain why) and I rely on a dongle. Every so often I gorge on Wi-Fi at that well-known local charity:

  Caffe nero

My dongle is now about to run out and I’ve mislaid the piece of paper on which I wrote the date and time it cuts off and which I put aside so carefully three months ago.

Also, I have gone over the monthly allowance already and I don’t know when it runs out.


On top of that ‘The Megalopolis Mobile Monopoly Inc.’ who supply me with my dongle have stopped the special one-off cut price introductory deal that I have exploited over and over and over again for some two years now.

As a result I’ve been staggering around town, going into mobile phone shops and high tech stores, so that sales assistants aged about 9 years old can be shown an ancient exhibit (me) that’s escaped from the local museum (think Night at the Smithsonian)  and is trying to understand the technological revolution that is taking place. I’m providing an educational experience.

What I can’t understand is why when I found the Dongles this Blog so desperately needs, I was unable to persuade the sales assistant to open the locked cabinet and sell them to me, because the offer has now been withdrawn. That’s not very 21st century.


The Blog fights on and so do I……at least while the data lasts.

I think I can do something…….but who knows.

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Neil Harris

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