Saturday, 19 October 2013

Lord John and SK7.

Friday night and I was making a journey out into the middle of nowhere (Bagshot – honestly) to see a local Mod band I’ve been meaning to catch for some time;


who were playing at The Three Mariners on Bagshot High Street.  I’ve been missing them forever and I wasn’t going to this time.

But first a word from our sponsors;


Who were kind enough to put up the money for the gig - catch them at 7 High Street, Bagshot or on

Me, I can’t cope with facebook and don't use it – the page for this campaign is dead because I can’t get used to the format and I don’t even like my own page. It's an age thing.

But SK7 were celebrating reaching 3000 likes which is a real achievement and as a treat they put on this show just for us.

They are also on; and seem very reasonably priced although after they took one look at my hair they moved on fairly quickly.

Certainly there were some very glamorous ladies out to celebrate:


And if anyone tries to blackmail me with any of their photos I will deny everything. I rarely go out and how do you know I don’t have a twin brother anyway?

I also think there is a Tattoo joint connected with SK7, certainly there were some impressive ‘Tats’ on display. For a moment I was daydreaming about having the ‘Trojan Records’ logo done on my chest…… I think I may have left that a bit late.


Lord John are Paul on lead Vocals (off with a bad throat), Darren vocals, Martin lead Guitar, Steve on Bass and Jeff on drums. The name comes from the famous clothes shop which used to be on Carnaby Street and which provided the wardrobe for the 1960’s.
Their music ranged from the classic mod bands of the 60’s, through to The Jam and even a bit of 90’s Britpop and some classic soul along the way. Do you see why I drove all that way out into the middle of the country just to see them?

The pub had a clock that went backwards above the bar – it didn’t work for me. The time flew.

There was a hard and heavy R ‘n B beat running through the evening which really worked and came up from the drums and bass. It spiced up ‘Parklife’ for me – I always liked it anyway.

When I got home I caught a late night compilation of BBC clips from the 1960’s and Lord John had captured the urgency of the live performances of bands like the Small Faces and The Kinks, which is usually missing on their records.

The Jam they can’t do and that’s no criticism at all; I enjoyed ‘Start’, ‘A Town Called Malice’ and especially ‘The Butterfly Collector’- the ‘B’ side to ‘Strange Town’. It’s just that The Jam were Punks as well as Mods and that gave it an anger and an energy you can’t come up with today. I know, I was there and it won’t come back.

I do like ‘The Butterfly Collector’ and they did it well. I may get a chance to hear it again tomorrow if I’m very lucky. Written about Soo Catwoman, it was an attack on the Art-school punks of 76/77 and was a cry from the suburbs as well as the first sign that Weller was moving towards ‘The Style Council’ in sound and ideas.

I really liked Booker T’s ‘Green Onions’ – which I heard a month ago on a real Hammond organ thanks to  ‘The James Taylor Quartet’. Last night it was all lead guitar which gave the old tune a harder edge, a tougher feel.
Boom Boom’ was great as was ‘High heeled Sneakers’.

"Put on your red dress baby and your high heeled sneakers too"…….now what does that remind me of?

Martha and the Vandelas ‘Heatwave’ and the original version of ‘Tainted love’ were the Soul element. They ended with a Who medley which included ‘Won’t get Fooled again’ which was also one of the BBC clips. You know, I actually preferred it harder and faster!

You know, maybe I could still get that tattoo……..No I mustn’t.

That was a good night.  The band is on lemonrock and the dreaded facebook - you have no excuses now.




Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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