Thursday, 10 October 2013

St. Peter's are still messing me about.

It’s over a month since I had my meeting with a clinician from Accident and Emergency at St. peter’s hospital, Chertsey to discuss my queries about how it was that they sent me home with a dislocated fractured ankle.

It took over a year to get that meeting and they were supposed to write to me and send a copy of the recording of the meeting in two weeks. They haven’t, so here is my letter to ‘Patient Experience’ (all names removed by me):

Patient Experience

St. Peter’s Hospital

Guildford Road



KT16 0PZ


Your Ref; xxxxxxxx

Dear Sirs,

Re: complaint A and E 27/8/12

I attended a meeting with xxxxxxxx of Accident and Emergency on 11/9/13 to deal with queries I had arising from his report into Accident and Emergency’s gross negligence.

I was told that I would receive a letter, a recording of the meeting and information about making a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman within 2 weeks.

It is now 3 weeks – nothing.

It took 6 months to get that meeting and it is now 13 months since A and E failed to treat my broken ankle. While I am getting accustomed to these delays, every time the Hospital fails to do what it promises I get more determined than ever to expose and publicise what has been going on.

I’m waiting.



Neil Harris

 So, here's my reasoned, sensible response:


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


  1. Go for it Neil Dont let them get away with it i also have a complaint with them mine is not going away Watch this space

  2. There would be more complaints against St Peters Hospital and other hospitals if only people would stand up and complain stand up and be counted but and it is a big but some are afraid so these things never come to light and things carry on the same no learning curve nnothing to change My complaint wont go away this is going to the top St Peters are to blame Please other patients stand up for yourselves

  3. I completely agree with you anonymous, I'll do a Blog about the people who have contacted me since I started all this - what they said and how they felt about complaining. That's all confidential of course, that's how it works on this site.

  4. This blog is great at last someone has the guts to speak up know right from wrong Lets hear from other people out there other complaints about St Peters as Neil comments confidential of course on this site