Sunday, 20 October 2013

Saturday night sneaking into Shepperton.

I slunk into Shepperton in heavy disguise – it didn’t work.

The SkaSouls were playing and I wasn’t going to see them. If I’m honest I wasn’t up to it. They are the most exciting local band but I’ve been ill all week and I’ve got a cold too (awwwh). As the Jamaican saying goes; every day you go to the well, one day the bucket run dry. Yesterday, Bagshot was a blast but today the tank is empty. So, no Ska and I’m on my best behaviour.

I slunk in to The Barley Mow to see ‘Sunset Boulevard’ for some hardline Rhythm and Blues, on the strict understanding there would be no dancing. I was strictly non-combatant. Sigh.
Well, there was plenty of dancing but I was good and just watched.
I’m not doing a posting on them today, I bumped into Mickey, the Mr Music of the Riverside Club at Staines who was there to confirm a last minute booking with them. Thursday’s band cancelled (Yo! dreary rock giant covers bite the dust) and this band of mature rhythm rockers are coming down to shake the leaves on the trees. And they will.

I’m only going to say that even if it isn’t really my thing – they are well worth seeing and they usually attract a band of mates and musicians who jam a little and generally liven us all up.


This is Hayley, with one heck of a voice. Now if only I could persuade her that the music of the 60’s is the place to be rather than the 50’s. I fear that isn't gonna happen.

Come on down, Thursday will be a rockin’ night to remember. There's usually a full brass section ( and they are good), a stompin' drummer, bass and keyboards as well as whoever is passing by.
That's at The Staines Riverside Club, Laleham Road, Staines on Thursday.


I think I’ve been letting the hospital off too lightly – I’ll post about it tomorrow but I think it’s time to take the gloves off.

So, it may be time to get serious.
Oh and did I mention that SB do a mean bit of Funk too, when they get the urge?
Come on down.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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