Saturday, 5 October 2013

Another update from Heatherwood and Wexham park Hospitals.

Now there’s been a public meeting in Slough – on Thursday, addressed by Surgeon ‘A’. I’m certainly not going down the road of making this personal by naming anyone, a lesson all involved should have learnt by now.

14 years ago surgeon ‘A’ accused surgeon ‘B’ of seriously bad results. ‘B’ gave up that particular procedure but ‘A’ accused ‘B’ of other mistakes and demanded an investigation. When that didn’t happen ‘A’ started a campaign. Then there were disciplinary proceedings against him and an Employment Tribunal hearing where ‘A’ alleged discrimination by the Hospital.

Allegations followed allegations, investigations followed investigations none of which satisfied anyone or solved anything. People fell into ‘sides’ and it all got very nasty.

Now everyone is going to be investigated and one thing is clear – none of us mere patients and taxpayers are ever likely to be told what really went on. And of course it was all really about race and class and petty rivalry.



I was ill this week, it’s been raining and the evenings are dark and miserable. I haven’t been anywhere. So I am now a truly grumpy man.

But the escape committee came up with a plan for Sunday and I’m trying to get my act together in time.

I hope it works out for me. ‘Keep the Faith’

Does that give you a clue what I’m going to be doing if I’m well enough? Watch this space.

And how about this for a logo:





Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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