Friday, 26 June 2015

Barry's Lunch Club.

Wow, that was a really tough day - a lot worse than spending the night in a field at Stonehenge celebrating the Solstice.

We took the Underground in to London.

I only took walking sticks and then ended up in a massive crowd. I'd forgotten how many stairs there are and no lifts.

Considering how many wars this country has been in and how many injured and disabled people we have always had - it's obvious that no one ever gave a %#@* when they built it.

It was agony and I never really got over it.

That's the grumbling over.

I got tickets from the BBC for a Radio 4 comedy recording; Barry's Lunch Club.

Well it was something to do, didn't cost anything and we got inside the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) studios.

Alex Lowe is a comedian who's been making fun of suburbia for a while on the radio as 'Barry from Watford' and he's just got his own show. He always made me laugh.

The photos aren't much good because I couldn't take any when they were recording (I'd have got thrown out) and Robyn had to do it surreptitiously (she took the rest on her phone).

Anyway......we never got a shot of the star himself!

Here's Philip Pope on Piano;

And here's Stephanie Cole who is properly famous;

I don't like being told I have to laugh, which is what the producer told brings out the sullen worst in me, so I'm probably not the best person to be in a studio audience.

But I did laugh - Barry is funny and as his comedy is largely ad lib - the bits I particularly enjoyed weren't scripted.

And I enjoyed seeing 'behind the curtain'. I've listened to radio shows all my life and whenever I hear another one I'll think of last night at RADA.

And it's always a pleasure to watch people who are really good at their jobs.

Oh, did it hurt on the way back home, you have no idea.

But I've made it back to town on the Tube and I haven't done that since March 17th.

Perhaps I won't take another trip today....I might wait a day or so!

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