Monday, 15 June 2015

Wraysbury fair 2015 part 2.

Yesterday I posted pictures of the parade at Wraysbury fair - here are some of the things we checked out;

This is Robyn with a skunk - his owner also had chickens, ducks, a lizard and a snake to look at.

Then there were the 'BFFW' (The British Federation of Ferret Welfares) showing off their racing ferrets;

I always thought they were fearsome animals - these were rather sweet;

And then we came across 'The Ark' run by Charlotte, where you can rent snakes like this Royal Python posing with Robyn; 

Behind her you can see one of the Corn Snakes. They also had another skunk. If you want to hire an extraordinary animal or two you can on 07891743638!

The python was very happy with Robyn but it kept giving me the evil eye, unless it was just posing for the camera;

I loved the vintage cars - there were lots of MG's, an amazing 'Hupmobile' from 1930's Detroit, a U.S. army Jeep and a Jenson Interceptor.

Then there was this immaculate 'E-Type' Jaguar (sigh).

Then there was a really (and I mean really) pink Beetle.

It's owner is a member of 'The Pink Car Rally' which I featured last September when they did a circuit of the M25 to raise money for charity. I took pictures of them from a motorway bridge - you can check it out on my archive.

You could have a ride on this mini traction engine - it's owner never stopped smiling throughout the whole afternoon.

And then, tension mounting, I went into the Craft tent.

These are the Magna Carta Biscuits;

Last year I entered some photos and got nowhere. What made it worse was that there weren't many entrants back then.

I shan't be rude about the winners (Grrrrrh!) but I resolved to have another go after warning everybody how grumpy I was going to be when I lost.

So, after putting it off as long as possible I went in;

I got a first and a third! I should say that there were quite a few classes to enter.

Actually, I still thought the wrong photos won and I'm not even so sure mine should have done. I quite liked a number of the losing ones.

And now I realise why - I was entering pictures I felt had real meaning or feeling while the judging was basically about the technical features of the photo.

That's a bit difficult when you are using a £12 Nikon from a charity shop or a £19 Nikon from a pawn shop.

I'm not sure I'll ever win again based on that!

This was my reward;

It was a fabulous day and we did a lot of walking. I only really made it because of Robyn and her extensive 'first aid kit' of stuff in case I got into difficulties.
But I did make it.
At the end we both had a seat on one of the benches at the side of 'The Green' and just sat watching the fair.
Watching kids blasting each other with 'Silly string' or firing off bubble guns. A happy throng of people enjoying free samples of Mead from the winemakers tent (we had a couple or three ourselves). The steam traction engine man looking for excuses to toot his whistle. The Wraysbury Belly Dancers (no really).
And this highlight from the Art Show;
Reg Marsh's one man protest against the senseless slaughter of the First World War which some foolish people are glorifying at the moment.
Here's the caption to 'Lions led by Donkeys';
"It was Christmas day and the opposing armies scrambled from the trenches onto the stricken battlefield, not to fight, instead to shake hands, to sing carols, perhaps to say a prayer for a moment of peace. But there would be no 'Silent Night', no 'Holy Night', for the donkeys sent them back to kill and be killed. Oh if only they had left it to the donkeys."
He got my vote - I do like a protest!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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