Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Brass bands and Mayflies at The Lammas.

After a wonderful trip to the seaside on Saturday, Sunday was back to the usual grind.

We have a 'cancer garden' - the grass is waste high because I've been too ill to cut it.

Sunday morning I got out the mower - it burnt out. I only bought it halfway through last summer, We hardly used it - all I can say is don't buy Flymo it's a rubbish make. the small print told me I shouldn't have been using it on 'long grass'.

I believe the young folk would say WTF. Needless to say I won't be buying Flymo again.

Everything else seemd to be going wrong too and it was such a beautiful day which just made it worse.

In the end we went to Staines for a walk because we didn't want to waste the day.

As we got out of the car we heard music and just followed the noise.

Here's Robyn's picture of the bandstand at The Lammas;

We found a shady bench and just sat listening to The Cobham brass band.

It was delightful.

Around us children were playing, people played crazy golf and tennis and then a Mayfly landed on my leg;

Do you remember early May when I could hardly walk and we spent a Sunday afternoon by the river at The Lammas watching the Mayflies dancing?

They've grown since then.

Then a couple of weeks ago we were in Amersham and I posted a picture of fishermen's flies in a shop - there were Mayflies?

Here they are again. Take a look at the ones on the right hand side. I think the fly maker has got a few of them just right; 

It was a wonderful afternoon in the sun.
Oh and after yesterday I decided to go out and not use a walking frame. So, I walked with just a walking stick.
Isn't that great?
Neil Harris

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