Friday, 12 June 2015

Leith Tower fail.

I've just got up after a really depressing day - it was really beautiful and as forecast for today was for rain, instead of doing the shopping we went out.

It was gorgeous and so we went to The Surrey Hills to have a look at Leith Tower,which neither of us have ever been to.

Except that I got lost about three times and then after a long, hot drive through narrow lanes and enchanted forests there was a slight problem; it's a real hard climb when you've broken your back.

I had to give up after about a third of the way - it was just too steep and too slippery. I can't afford to break anything else just yet.

Really, really frustrating.

Even so, the Rhododendrons were magnificent;

They come from The Himalyas, so they love the height and the thin soils.
And look at these majestic trees;
And the foxgloves are just starting to flower;
But it was a real disappointment and when I got home I felt terrible and we've still got the shopping to do.
What's sad is that it does confirm that I can never do things I'd wanted to do - The Malvern Hills for example.
And it just makes me so angry that for the three years after I was diagnosed there were times when I was well enough to do things like travelling but I couldn't because I was looking after my Mum.
Except that her 'family doctor' couldn't be bothered to tell us that we would have been eligible for four weeks respite care every year - when I could have done these things.
I'm very angry about it all.
On a different note........tomorrow is Wraysbury fair and I've been in a flurry of choosing photos from the last year, getting them developed and now trying to mount them.
Just like last year, I'm entering the Craft tent competition.
Last year I only got a second place - my pictures were a bit too outrageous, I think.
I've had a much quieter year this time, so they are a bit less controversial. I'm not happy about that but the tension is
still building up!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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