Sunday, 28 June 2015

St. Mary's Fair, Harmondsworth.

I had an irritating morning and then we went to Harmondsworth - it's a little village in the shadow of Heathrow Airport. Actually, it's the airport's preferred site for a third runway; straight through the village and over the 15th century barn.

Now, the airport has backtracked and just wants to double the length of it's existing runway which kind of saves Harmondsworth.

But not really because next week there will be the announcement of the 'final' decision of which airport gets to grow and which loses out.

Except that I'm sure that if Heathrow loses out there will be a new plan and a new enquiry in about 3 years time and Harmondsworth (and us) will be in the firing line again.

We went to the village fair.

At the entrance was a huge banner of barbed wire and giant planes gobbling up everything;

Here are some of the supporting organisations;

And yes, I do go to things like this out of solidarity with the next door villages - we are all under the same threat.

Then again, it was also a nice sunny day and there was cake;

And Jazz on a Summers Day;

'Pimp my Jazz' were playing in the summer sun and this is Lonette Charles who had been away in America for a year;

I think it showed - she was singing really well.
Here's Gavin Sparks who writes the music;

It's music at the 'easy listening' end of Jazz which is not normally my thing but hey!; the sun was shining, the music was playing - there was cake to be eaten.

What's not to like?

'Pimp my Jazz' play great music well and that's always good.

And there was dancing in the summer sunshine;

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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