Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Midsummer's Day's night.

I always marked Midsummer's night - the longest night of the year.
Down the road from us, the local witches meet every solstice at the Ankerwycke yew tree.
A year ago Robyn and I spent the evening watching the sun go down, eating chocolate cake and having a drink at Box Hill. And then as it grew dark, 50 miles away we watched the fireworks celebrating the 80th anniversary of Glyndebourne.
It was a perfect night and it was the first time we both realised we were in love.
This year?
After a night at Stonehenge waiting for the Sunrise and a tour of the major Stone Age sites we were exhausted and not a little amazed that we were able to do it.
We spent the evening at home drinking a bottle of Cava and as you can see with strawberries because I'm not so keen on dry wine.
We've had the most terrible year anyone could have; cancer, bereavement, university problems,  landlord problems, visa problems, a broken back.
It's been such a struggle.
We also had the most wonderful year - two people found each other and, as you'll have read in this Blog, we did such amazing things together.
As Robyn keep telling me when I get low; "There are more adventures to have."
It's not over yet!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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