Thursday, 4 June 2015

The return of Ginge the cat?

I'd had a busy weekend and Monday saw me doing nothing much to get over it.

Until the evening - I did make it back to our Jazz Club at The Red Lion in Isleworth.

My photo is missing out the excellent John Donaldson on keyboards but you can see Trevor Tomkins on drums and Dave Green on bass.

I don't know Pete Hurt (sax) so well but he was good  and Henry Lowther is always welcome.

The started with Thelonious Monk's 'Monk's Dream' and went on toWayne Shorter's 'Blue Nile' (which I haven't heard before.

Henry Lowther composes; we heard 'Segment' and 'Quadrant' - both good.

But I was suffering; there are only a few chairs and by the time we get there they've all gone. An evening perched on a bar stool is not ideal.

The big debate now is whether 'Ginge' is back or not. With the change of ownership, 'Ginge the cat' disappeared for good.

Before he would lie luxuriantly on the fishtank but then leave as soon as the Jazz started (not a fan our Ginge)

The new ginger cat stayed for the music, so I'm still doubtful.

I couldn't take a photo because he was surrounded by admirers.

The jury is out on Ginge.

Neil Harris
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