Saturday, 20 June 2015

Windsor Great Park.

It was boiling hot - midsummer at it's June best. We went to Windsor Great park in the afternoon - the last time we were there was 4 months ago when I was a bit more mobile.

This is the statue of mad king George;

And by the time we'd walked there the long way (a few miles) I was in a lot of pain and glad to sit down to admire the view for a while.
It's 'royal Ascot week' - horse racing. I'm not a fan and I'm no royalist.
So I've been avoiding the area to keep my blood pressure down.
The park seemed to have been turned into some bizarre 'Park 'n Ride' scheme for the super rich; there were horse drawn carriages everywhere;

I just pulled this quick shot - it's no good but it gives you the flavour;

I prefer the park when it's quiet - like when we walked round the lily pond or here where there was a little path that could almost have been in the countryside;

Anyway we are getting very excited about our 'adventure' today - there haven't been too many of those recently.

Oh that's going to hurt - Gulp!

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