Wednesday, 17 June 2015


We had a grouchy day - Robyn can't travel anywhere until her visa appeal is dealt with and me?

Well I can't really travel.

And after a day of not really doing anything we were getting frustrated and so we went out in the long June evening.

The plan was to park in Eton and walk over the bridge to Windsor for a wander around the town - except when we got there everybody else had the same idea and we couldn't park.

We ended up at Cookham; a little village on The Thames just upstream from Maidenhead.

Everywhere is very dry - when I was screaming with pain in hospital it was the sunniest April for decades (official!) and there hasn't been a lot of rain since then.

I'm not complaining.

But the grass is....and the farmers. When I went down to Ankerwycke I hoped to get a picture of the hay before it was cut but there was hardly any and in one field the cattle had been let in because the farmer had given up altogether.

There was a bit of grass down by the river;

And the Thames was nice - the ducklings were enjoying it;

The problem is I'm still not well enough to do things and summer is short.

This weekend though, we have a big adventure planned.

A really foolish, foolish adventure. A big one.

You've never done this!

And no, I'm not going to tell you what it is except that a year ago Midsummer's Night was very special for us so this has got to be even better.

While we were down by the river, we saw this;

It was the makings of a rainbow even there was no rain.

The sun was defracting through the crystals of a thin, thin cloud high up in the atmosphere.

And then we walked through the churchyard and the wooden framed houses of Cookham and back to the car.

It will be a shame when June has gone.

Neil Harris
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