Saturday, 9 July 2016

Angela Eagle; a plotter exposed.

We are still waiting with 'bated breath' to find out if Angela Eagle is going to stand against Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the parliamentary Labour party. She's been threatening to do so on a daily basis for the last 10 days.

I think she.....may do.

If she does, her role in the attempted coup against Corbyn has been well and truly exposed by the Blogosphere.

If you remember Hilary Benn (son of Tony Benn, longstanding friend and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn) phoned him in the early hours of 26th June to tell him he could no longer support him. He was fired and then, on an hourly basis, other members of the shadow cabinet resigned - one by one.

This was an attempt to make it look as though support was slowly and steadily growing; it wasn't.

It was a crude attempt to disguise a coup that had been planned in advance.

One of the first group to resign was Angela Eagle.

Now, thanks to 'Evolve Politics', we know that a friend of Eagle's, Joe McCrea, bought a series of Website domain names like; '', '', and '' at 6pm on 25th June.

You can check out the story here;

This is the record of when the domain names were purchased;

angela4leader 1

That was about 8 hours before Benn phoned Corbyn and about a day before Eagle resigned from the shadow cabinet.

McCrea is a PR man for an  NHS Clinical Commissioning group and lives in Derbyshire.

I looked up his LinkedIn entry and found that he worked as a 'special parliamentary advisor' for New Labour, working for health secretary Frank Dobson and then worked at Downing Street for a year helping to prepare Tony Blair's answers for Prime Minister's questions.

Eagle has denied any knowledge of these transactions but has admitted that she knows McCrea.

That should come as no surprise; 'Buzzfeed' has unearthed these Twitter conversations, I'm afraid my copying is not very expert;

Such an honour to chair Labour's NEC & conference Thanks for the flowers now my year is over

Joe McCrea@jbmccrea 24 Sep 2014
And a better Chair there could not possibly be, comrade!

I checked out Angela Eagle's voting record and found (unsurprisingly) that she was an enthusiastic supporter of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, while Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell were vocal opponents of the war. 

It looks as though the attempted 'Coup' against Jeremy Corbyn used the all planning skills they learned during the Iraq War fiasco.

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