Thursday, 21 July 2016

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Robyn's still trying to cheer me up - she actually managed to get me out of the house again. Mind you, it was the hottest day of the year and I think she thought there would be air conditioning in the cinema.

There wasn' was half price Tuesday in Slough and it was steamin'.

We went to see the remake of 'Ghostbusters', one of the big films of the '80's.
And I'm glad we did - it's a lot of fun.

As far as the story is concerned it's more or less the same; a disparate group of academics and oddballs set themselves up removing paranormal phenomena (Ghosts) and as their reputation grows they end up saving the city, despite the fact that the politicians and 'security' try to stop them.

The 1984 original came out of 'Saturday Night Live' and featured regulars like Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd. I've read a long and complicated review which claims that the original film is a statement of neoconservatism and Reaganism - actually it was just meant to be fun.

Maybe that's why the 2016 has had so much controversy - to the extent that the black comic Leslie Jones has been subjected to the most unpleasant trolling on twitter and the wider internet.

I've got news for you - this is an all female cast and they are very, very funny.

Live with it.

Actually, it's even funnier than the original; it's quite subtle at times.

One running gag is that the four employ a male, bimbo receptionist.......

All the surviving cast of the 1984 original make brief cameo do some of the ghosts.

It really is a remake.

We didn't spend on the 3D version and I'm fairly sure I could spot most of the '3D moments' during the 2D movie.

Special effects have really moved on since 'Industrial light and magic' but this is mainly a comedy film - the effects aren't as important as the filmmakers think they are.

Strongly recommended, just as long as you can cope with a bunch of funny, sassy, get it done women in the lead roles.

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