Saturday, 30 July 2016

Time to break out the Mead.

This was Robyn at the beginning of July last year - pouring out the honey;

The brew was ready;

Years ago, when Robyn was living in the United States, she went to a medieval fayre and tried something that passed for 'Mead'. Ever since then she always wanted to try Mead made here. Last June as part of the Magna Carta celebrations, we were given free glasses of Mead at Wraysbury Fair by the local winemakers club.

We looked around the internet but, apart from Fortnum and Mason's (London's most expensive food shop) no one much was interested in selling mead.

So, as you can see, we made our own......with Tesco's budget honey.

We set it all up and then it all got really busy.

I wasn't too well, then we had to fight Robyn's deportation, then I got ill, then we got married.

 Back last summer it was all about 'whether it would be ready 'in time'. I wouldn't say that we forgot about it but it became a lot less urgent.

So last night we were both a bit down and we broke out the Mead;

I would say that was pretty much 'crystal clear'.

Looks nice in a glass too;

It was fine to drink - very sweet but that's mead for you - and maybe not as strong as I would have liked.

But OK.

And we spent a moment or too thinking about how things could have gone differently over the last year - for better or for worse.

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