Friday, 22 July 2016

Another breach of security at The Abraham Cowley Unit.

This is an article from 'Get Surrey' about an incident at The Abraham Cowley Unit at St. Peter's on 17/7/16.

Stuart Richards
Get Surrey.

Police, fire and ambulance teams were dealing with the incident at the St Peter's Hospital site in Chertsey for several hours on Sunday morning.

Police negotiators were called to speak to a man who got onto a roof at the St Peter's Hospital site in Chertsey on Sunday morning.

The 35-year-old, who was understood to be a patient at the Abraham Cowley Unit, ultimately came down from the roof on his own after three hours, a Surrey Police spokeswoman said.

"We had a police negotiator there and other officers engaged with him," she added.
Ambulance and fire crews were also called to the incident shortly after 8am.

A spokesman from Guildford fire station said they sent their turntable ladder appliance, alongside a crew from Chertsey station.

"They assisted police in dealing with a patient in the roof area," he added.

The man was said to have come down voluntarily at around 11.15am.


Now this is serious for a couple of reasons;

Firstly, any hospital ward needs to be secure. That's partly to keep patients in; the very nature of being a patient in hospital makes you vulnerable.

It's also important because if someone can get out unnoticed then other people can get in without being spotted and that's dangerous too.

Secondly, a series of patients of The Abraham Cowley Unit have died because the security was too lax - the coroners have made it plain that lack of security was a cause of death and needed to be improved.

As long ago as 2012, the unit released a press statement to say that it had increased it's spending on security for that reason.

And it's happened again!

They were very lucky this time.

I should add, as I always do, that The Abraham Cowley Unit may share St. Peter's site but is run by a separate NHS Trust.

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