Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Duck tape Anniversary.

Our wedding was a week ago yesterday - we are still shattered and I'm fairly ill too.

I've been celebrating our anniversaries; I told Robyn that for 7 days the present'Ducktape'.

Seems like a good gift to me.

I think 6 days was a single, old sock.

Today, The Chilcot Report into The Iraq War is published. I never thought I'd still be around to see it; it took 6 years.

I've been waiting for it eagerly although I'm sure it will, once again, whitewash the politicians, the spies and the generals.

Just for the record, somewhere in the region of a million people died as a result of Blair following Bush's decision to invade Iraq. France, China and Russia were absolutely right to block the resolution at The United Nations.

The invasion was illegal and the debate that ran up to it was based on outright lies.

Somehow, I fear, the long awaited report is unlikely to say all that.

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