Friday, 29 July 2016

Show us what you're made of at The Lightbox, Woking.

We took another trip to The Lightbox gallery at Woking - we've got £5 annual passes and we're gonna use 'em.

The new exhibition is another selection from The Ingram Collection; "Show us what you're made of!".

There's a mixture of pieces from the famous and the not so well known too - my selection are all a bit on the obscure side.

This is 'From the Places here No one Remembers' by John Carpanini;

Which I thought was rather good and I'm not a big fan of realism.

This powerful sculpture is Jonathan Clarke's 'Feudalism';

Which I thought looked even better from the side;

This is 'Scarface' by Seamus Cuddihy, the Cherry wood split really well here;

And there was me thinking how staid and respectable stained glass windows were;

But for me the first prize goes to this display of confectionary;

Each one carefully sown together out of felt pieces;

By Dena, it's called 'Sweet Sendsation', which is quite funny as Dena is (temporarily) spending a little time at Her Majesty's Prison at Send.

Every bite is brings a smile;

Dena, you are a star, I hope you get out soon.

The exhibition runs until October; you need a £5 pass to get in but it lasts for a whole year. Parking is a problem (unless you have a disabled pass) but there is a coffee shop too and some very friendly volunteers.

Meanwhile, they were setting up a new exhibition of comics while we were there. We may take a look at that too.

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