Saturday, 16 July 2016

Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins.

Well, that was a day and a half!

I started my day not feeling so good and trying to phone the garage because I'm having problems with my elderly car. They are on permanent answerphone, so I guess they are on holiday.

Then, before we went off to hospital I had to sort out 'The Humane Mousetrap; we have a mouse problem.

There are plenty of people in my life who have made things worse for me who I would happily kill; some bosses, some people I worked with, the 'family' GP who didn't bother to tell me that, as a carer (with cancer), I was eligible for four weeks respite care every year I was looking after my mother. I could go on and on.

But I don't really want to kill poor and generally innocent little furry animals, unless I have to.

So I use a 'humane mousetrap' that catches them in a trap and then you release them.....far away.

Anyway we caught another one and we both decided that it had died of shock overnight. So, before we set off, I took it to a patch of wasteland and opened it release a rather confused and bedraggled mouse who staggered off no doubt Muttering to himself;  "Oh I am a Cotton-Headed ninny- Muggins, I got caught again".

So my kind heartedness means the darned thing only had a short walk back 'home', where he can pester us again.

We got up to hospital - the car made it to the tube and I struggled in, where, despite all the premeds........I got anaphylactic shock again.

I was once again the centre of unwanted attention, getting hydrocortisone injections, seeing the Doctor, on oxygen, wasting time.

I got over it eventually and they started all over on a slower dose and, although it almost started off again, it was fine. I begin to understand how serious a peanut allergy is.

I'm fine, in fact I'm worse than fine. If you've ever had a dog and taken him to the vet and it wasn't clear why he was ill but the vet gives him an injection just to be on the safe side?

The dog comes out of the vets like a new born puppy; happy and running about and full of life.

And you wondered what was in the injections?

That's what I had.

Sadly, the feeling doesn't last very long.

Neil Harris
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